Cash on delivery with fees (COD) module for Prestashop

Cash on delivery (COD) module for Prestashop with the following features:

  • Compatible with Prestashop versions 1.6 and 1.7
  • Very light
  • Multilanguage (translations included: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan)
  • Does not create new tables in your database
  • Choose between fixed or percentage fee
  • Save the order in a custom state
  • Customized image during the payment process
  • Easy to set up



You can download this plugin from the following link: Download module Webubi COD



The setting up of the module WebubiCOD is very simple, once installed the plugin we will have the following options to configure:


Name: Name that will be displayed for this payment method during the purchase process.

Minimum quantity: minimum amount from which the payment method will be displayed.

Maximum amount: maximum amount from which the payment method will not be displayed.

Free charge: amount from which the method of payment will be free and no fee will be applied.

– Charge type: type of payment to be applied to the payment method. Fixed will apply a fixed fee on the price and percentage will apply a percentage fee on the total of the payment.

Amount to be charged: fixed or percentage fee that will be charged when this method of payment is chosen.

Order status: state in which the order will be stored in the backend of your store.

Image: Image that will be displayed for this method of payment.

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